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How do I set up my MVI56-DNP Slave to report Class Data or Data Change Events to the DNP Master?

Please download the attached document: "MVI56-DNP and Event Data.pdf"....

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Do the serial ports on my MVI56 module provide any electrical isolation?

The two application serial ports provide 1000 volts of electrical isolation between the port and the ControlLogix backplane.The debug/configuration port provides no electrical isolation. Note: None of the ports provide any electrical isolation between the port and the module's i...

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Using an MVI56-DNP, how can I log event data from a 1756-IB16-SOE?

It is recommended to place the 1756-IB16-SOE in FIFO mode.  The module in FIFO mode will return the UCT time stamp. Also, an additional conversion from CST to UCT is not necessary.The 1756-IB16-SOE manual shows how new SOE data is received in the 1756-IB16-SOE card:O.NewData...

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What do the shaded areas in the subset definitions indicate?

Objects that we support that are not required within the Level II specification are shaded.  Refer to the associated notes with each item to determine how the module is going to respond.  Some values will be handled, but some will simply return an error....

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CROB functions in serial DNP modules

Example of using a conditional CROB to control BO 3 in slave 2 to using "Latch on" and Latch off" commands. Node address (of the slave) is 2. Object 12 Variation 1 Function 5 (Direct Operate) Device Address (point index) in this slave is 3 Point Count is 1 DNP DB a...

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