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How to scale values from 16 bit integers to floats with the AN-X2-AB-DHRIO gateway running the RIO DRV firmware

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When migrating an old 1305 or 1336 drive to a new PowerFlex 753 or PowerFlex 755 drive it is necessary to scale some of the parameters.  When scaling from an integer to a float the following formula is used to generate a multiplier which is then inserted into the RioDef template file.

New Scale Maximum Value and divide it by the current maximum scaled value

Output Frequency as an input to the PLC or SLC
Maximum in the drive is 650.00
Maximum in the PLC or SLC is 32767
32767 / 650 = 50.41

I:1 <-Feedback * 50.41

Commanded Speed Reference as an input to the Drive
Maximum value in the drive is 13920
Maximum in the PLC or SLC is 32767
13920 / 32767 = .4248

O:1 * .4248 -> Reference