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My AN-X2-AB-DHRIO Web GUI seems to be missing the Automation Network tab, what does this mean?

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The AN-X2-AB-DHRIO is a multi-purpose gateway which comes shipped with multiple Firmware options already installed on the module, but only one Firmware can be active at any given time.  Each Firmware has its own web interface, with its own tab arrangements that often does not look like any other Firmware.  Each Firmware, however, has an Administration tab.  When expanded there will be a link to the AN-X Configuration which will bring you to a section of the web GUI that allows you to set the Host Name, IP Address, Net Mask, Gateway, and most importantly, the Firmware type.  Using the Firmware Type drop down selector, select the firmware for what you are attempting.  The AN-X2-AB-DHRIO has the following Firmware options:

  • AN-X2-AB-DHP – Data Highway Plus Bridge Firmware
  • AN-X2-AB-ADPT – Remote I/O (RIO) Adapter Firmware
  • AN-X2-AB-DRV-04 – VFD Drive Firmware
  • AN-X2-AB-HMI – Remote I/O (RIO) HMI Firmware
  • AN-X2-AB-SCAN – Remote I/O (RIO) Scanner Firmware
  • AN-X2-AB-RIO-EIPSCN – Flex I/O Scanner Firmware (used to replace the 1794-ASB module)

Once selected, hit submit, to continue. The module will take about 30 to 60 seconds to reboot, unpack the new Firmware, and load it. Once rebooted, click on the “Continue” link on your browser GUI.  If after hitting continue again you still do not see the correct tabs for your firmware, either clear your web browser's cache or for the page to refresh by holding down CTRL and hitting F5, or clicking on the "Refresh" toolbar icon.  You can also view the page using your web browser's private browsing mode which will accomplish the same thing.  For example, in Google Chrome, simply open a new Incognito Window by hitting Ctrl-Shift-N, then entering your AN-X2's IP address in the address bar.  In the unlikely event that you STILL do not see the correct tab, please contact technical support for additional assistance.