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Easily Extract Field Data with the XLReporter Connector for the Data Logger Plus





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Easily Extract Field Data with the XLReporter Connector for the Data Logger Plus

Chances are, you know your field devices’ data includes great insights. This information can help you:

∙ Identify the source of issues before traveling to the site

∙ Help with remote troubleshooting

∙ Perform predictive maintenance

Extracting that data can be a challenge, though.

Companies are using ProSoft’s Data Logger Plus module to continuously collect data from field instruments to achieve the benefits noted above. But some users have sought an easier way to see their data and distribute it to others in their organization.

With that in mind, we paired up with SyTech to create a ProSoft connector for the module, enabling reports’ creation through XLReporter.

How it Works

You can use the Data Logger Plus (DLplus) to collect data from equipment using EtherNet/IP™ or Modbus®, and access it locally or through a cloud service. You can control the amount of stored data using time and value parameters.

With the added-on ProSoft connector, you can then automatically synchronize all new data in the DLplus to a pre-selected database. For online applications, the data is securely extracted, with no use of a public IP.

The stored data can then be used to create reports, either customized or based on pre-built templates. Users can schedule these reports, and they can be shared as PDFs or web pages, or as CMS or XML files via email, FTP server, or a file server, among other methods. A web portal helps streamline report distribution across an organization.

The ability to view and share these reports helps ensure all stakeholders are kept up-to-date about devices’ data, regardless of their location – ideal for companies that are currently working remotely or plan to adopt that workplace model permanently.


XLReporter’s ProSoft Connector is currently available for use with the Data Logger Plus. Contact us to get more information!

Learn more about XLReporter.