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My Profibus Master (PDPMV1) card is not communicating and will not go into RUN mode but does not show an error in the ProSoft Configuration Builder software, why?

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Due to GSD file errors or device configuration errrors the module may not be able to go into RUN mode.  However depending on the type of error (invalid GSD file or exceeding parameter data configuration) the ProSoft Configuration Builder software may not provide warning messages or feedback of the slave device configuration error(s).

An error is reported when the GSD file is downloaded to the PDPMV1 module.  This is shown by Profibus LED pattern below:


Some possible reasons are:
- The GSD file may be invalid, use a GSD file checker software to check this. 
- The configuration of the network may have exceeded the 240 input or output (each) byte limitation of PDPMV1 memory.
- One of the slaves may have an illegal configuration, invalid parameter, duplicate slave ID, etc.