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I am unable to write to BO or AO points in the DNP database of the module, what could be wrong?

A version of the DNP.CFG file got released that had the tag names for the PLC binary outputs and analog outputs incorrect.To correct this, locate the tags labeled: "PLC binary output".  To correct this, add an S on the end to make it plural.  Then locate the t...

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What is the purpose of the deadband parameter in the DNP module?

The deadband parameter sets how event data is generated by your module as a DNP slave device. Take for instance the following configuration values: AI Deadband : 1000 #0-32767 analog deadband value for eventsAI Class : 3 #default class for analog input events [DNP slave analog in...

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Can there be multiple Master devices on a DNP 3.0 network?

At this time, our InRAx line of DNP3 serial communications solutions offer 2 DNP serial ports. One will always be available as a DNP slave to provide data to a DNP serial master system. The other port may be used as a secondary, redundant DNP slave that has been connected to the ...

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Does the ProSoft DNP driver support 32 bit Analog Inputs/Outputs?

Only the MVI56E-DNPNET supports 32 bit analogs, all other modules and gateways return only the low 16 bits.However 32 bit counters and floats are supported by most of our DNP3 products....

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What are the differences between Unsolicited messaging and Class data messaging on DNP?

In the DNP protocol, unsolicited messaging and class data messaging are two different ways that the slave device will send event data (change of state data) to the master. Unsolicited messaging is sent automatically by the slave device when a point-to-point relationship ...

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What do the shaded areas in the subset definitions indicate?

Objects that we support that are not required within the Level II specification are shaded.  Refer to the associated notes with each item to determine how the module is going to respond.  Some values will be handled, but some will simply return an error....

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CROB functions in serial DNP modules

Example of using a conditional CROB to control BO 3 in slave 2 to using "Latch on" and Latch off" commands. Node address (of the slave) is 2. Object 12 Variation 1 Function 5 (Direct Operate) Device Address (point index) in this slave is 3 Point Count is 1 DNP DB a...

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