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Collect and Analyze Oil and Gas Applications’ Production Data with Remote Connectivity Solutions





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Collect and Analyze Oil and Gas Applications’ Production Data with Remote Connectivity Solutions

Production oilfields – and the oil and gas industry in general – are going through a variety of changes in their quest to maximize operational efficiencies, minimize environmental impact, and increase their value and profitability. To be effective in this transformation, their measurement and production data needs to be collected and analyzed.

With remote access solutions, this data can be automatically sent to your existing SCADA, host, or headquarters location. From there, the data can be analyzed and corrective actions taken if necessary. The detailed data and activity log that’s automatically generated can also help you meet regulatory requirements.

With remote connectivity solutions – including cellular gateways on-site and a Web-based management platform you can access from headquarters or anywhere else – you can ensure production data is available at any time, and stored securely and properly.

The Security Factor

Protecting your production data and equipment is paramount.

To that end, we recommend opting for a remote connectivity service that:

∙ Requires token-based two-factor authentication

∙ Features single sign-on capabilities (your IT team will love this)

∙ Lets you forgo software that needs to be installed or maintained

∙ Allows for always-on and managed communications, ideal for collecting production data

It’s also worth finding out how remote access is achieved. In Belden Horizon, formerly known as ProSoft Connect, one-time-use tunnels are created for each connection made between, for example, your PAC at headquarters or your control house and your separator or other equipment. The tunnels are protected with 256-bit AES encryption, and gateways are set up on-site using two-factor authentication. At its core, this cloud-native platform is designed to help you monitor and troubleshoot remote oilfield equipment from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Meanwhile, the ability to control access to your information and devices is a must when using remote connectivity to link your LACT application, wellpads, and other functions to a central SCADA system or HQ.  A system supporting virtual lockout-tagout can help you grant access to production equipment for a fixed time period, with an audit trail recording all actions.  

Learn more about Secure Remote Connectivity solutions.