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Latest Belden Horizon Updates Prioritize Flexibility





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Latest Belden Horizon Updates Prioritize Flexibility

21 mars, 2024 / Infos produits

New updates include on-prem deployment and Layer 3 IP Routing functionality. Get the de...

Latest Belden Horizon Updates Prioritize Flexibility

Belden Horizon Console – formerly known as ProSoft Connect – recently introduced updates that put more control in users’ hands and increase flexibility.

Belden Horizon Console includes the Secure Remote Access (SRA) and Persistent Data Network (PDN) applications, and two of the updates are PDN-centric.

The Newest Features

One of the new enhancements is the Virtual Node feature for PDN. This functionality allows you to securely bring OT data to the cloud for data ingestion and analytics – with no time-consuming, on-site hardware installations required. The cloud in this case can be a cloud service or a private cloud of your organization’s choice.

Meanwhile, the platform’s introduction of Layer 3 IP Routing functionality for PDN allows multiple remote networks to be connected – and eliminates the need to create multiple VPN connections, simplifying their management.

Lastly, Belden Horizon Console is now available for on-premise deployment on a trial basis, allowing organizations to deploy the software in their own environment – whether it’s an air-gapped environment at a site or a cloud tenant of their choice. This flexibility can be especially helpful for those applications with specific latency or security requirements.

Remote Connectivity Applications

Wondering which remote connectivity application is best for you in Belden Horizon Console?

· PDN offers always-on connectivity for geographically dispersed assets, which is a must for organizations that need to be immediately informed of a potential issue, such as utility services.

· SRA offers on-demand secure monitoring of remote equipment through wired or cellular gateways at the source.