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How many ProTalkQ PTQ-PDPMV1 can I use in my Quantum HotStandby (HSBY) system?

The first firmware version for the PTQ-PDPMV1 that supported HSBY was version 1.15.  That version and successive versions up until version 1.25 could support only one (1) PTQ-PDPMV1 module per HSBY CPU chassis.  Starting with version 1.25 and later, you can have up to f...

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Is the Siemens Simatic PDM PROFIBUS device management software compatible with ProSoft's ProTalkQ PTQ-PDPMV1 PROFIBUS Master solution?

The ProSoft ProTalkQ PTQ-PDPMV1 PROFIBUS Master solution is supplied with a comDTM driver that allows it to be used with any PROFIBUS device management software that uses comDTM technology.  Examples of such software are PACTware and Endress+Hauser Field Care.Siemens Simatic...

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Is the ProSoft PTQ-PDPMV1 a direct replacement for Modicon part number 140 CRP 811 00?

While the PTQ-PDPMV1 is very similar in capability and performance to the older Modicon 140 CRP 811 00 module, it is not a direct, drop-in replacement.If you wish to replace a CRP with the PTQ, there will be some project modifications required to get it all working.  The typ...

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