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What is the largest Compact Flash memory card size I can use in my ProSoft inRAx MVIxx communications solution?

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The largest Compact Flash card (CF) that the MVI will work with in CHS mode is a 512Mbyte CF card.  CF cards greater than 512Mbytes up to 4Gbytes may be used in LBA mode.

However, we would discourage the customer from attempting to use larger cards which require LBA mode, since the setting for LBA is resident in battery backed CMOS memory.  If the battery is ever allowed to discharge (which we know from past experiences will happen if the module is left unpowered for more than 2-3 weeks), the MVI would no longer be able to read the card until an operator connects a monitor, enables the set up utility, and re-enables the LBA setting in CMOS memory.


Also, the customer should use only approved compact flash cards.

These are the approved cards from Silicon Systems:


64M = SSD-C64MI-3012   (or -3512)


256M = SSD-C25MI-3012  (or -3512)


512M = SSD-C51MI-3012  (or -3512)


2G = SSD-C02GI-3012  (or -3512)


4G = SSD-C04GI-3012  (or -3512)


This is the approved card from Smart Modular Technologies:

32M = SG9CF32HYA6I