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Where can I find more information about Allen-Bradley DH-485 protocol and how to set up ProSoft DH-485 solutions on such networks?

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Please see the Allen-Bradley (A-B) information on their DH-485 protocol, which starts with an Overview at the following link: Please note that Rockwell recommends that every device on a DH-485 network be connected to the network via a 1747-AIC,1747-PIC, or 1761-NET-AIC device. To set up a link between a SLC 5/03's DH-485 port and our ProLinx 5301-MBP-DH485 gateway, for instance, you could use one A-B 1747-AIC Isolated Link Coupler with A-B C11 cable to connect the SLC to the coupler, which will then link to the DH-485 network.  Then use the 6-wire DH485 cable to link to a 1761-NET-AIC, which has an RS232 port on it, which will allow it to be connected to our DH-485 port with the provided 8-pin Mini-DIN-to-DB9M adapter cable and a null modem cable. 

The user manuals for ProSoft DH-485 solutions include pinout information and a wiring diagram.