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What is the difference between the 3150-MCM and the MVI46-MCM

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The MVI46-MCM:

  • Is the latest Modbus module for the Allen-Bradley ;SLC platform
  • Provides a debug port which allows the user to view module configuration and status
  • Provides a built-in data analyzer for troubleshooting communication problems with the attached Modbus devices
  • Is field upgradable
  • Is based on a 16-bit processor instead of the 3150-MCM's 8-bit processor
  • Provides 5000 registers for data transfer (3150-MCM has 4000)
  • Has direct M1 files access for faster data throughput (3150-MCM must page 50 words of data to the processor at a time)
  • Supports baud rates of up to 115,200 on the serial port (3150-MCM supports 38,400 max)
  • Supports 100 Modbus commands per port (3150-MCM supports 100 commands shared by both application ports)