ProSoft Technology Releases the new Generic ASCII Serial Enhanced Communication Module

Diagnostics via Ethernet, Add-On Instruction for easy RSLogix integration, Graphical User Interface, module Discover Service, and backward compatibility.

ProSoft Technology(R) is pleased to announce the release of the MVI56E Generic ASCII Serial Enhanced Communications Module (MVI56E-GSC) for Rockwell Automation(R) ControlLogix(R) PACs, designed to easily communicate with ASCII devices such as bar code scanner interfaces, weigh scale interfaces, legacy ASCII protocol connections, terminal port emulation, printer driver (alarm/status printer), data liners, distance gauging devices, frequency inverters, pressure and vacuum gauges, or glue guns. The MVI56E-GSC provides a fast and easy way to add two fully configurable ASCII communication ports to the ControlLogix platform without consuming the front port of the processor, or using valuable processing time.

The MVI56E-GSC Enhanced module is backward compatible, sharing ladder logic and module configuration files with existing MVI56-GSC ASCII Communication Modules in the field. This allows users to easily upgrade existing modules and protect their investments while benefiting from an array of new features designed to improve interoperability and enhance the user experience. Enhancements include:
RSLogix(TM) 5000 Integrated with Add-on Instruction
Provides faster, easier set-up and tight integration with RSLogix 5000
Web-enabled Ethernet Port
Module's built-in Ethernet port provides a web server for local access to documentation, module status, firmware updates. Components are stored locally in the module's flash memory.
ProSoft Configuration Builder (PCB) software with Discovery Service
Finds and displays products located on the network; allows you users to set or change IP address for easy commissioning; displays key product attributes such as name, serial number, and IP address; provides online diagnostics using the high-speed Ethernet port
Allows remote diagnostic access across multiple bridged EtherNet/IP(TM) and ControlNet(TM) networks using Rockwell Automation 1756-ENxT and 1756-CNB network interface modules. RSLogix OEM is not required.
Scrolling LED Diagnostic Display
4-digit display providing English diagnostic and error information for the module, backplane communication, and network conditions
All ProSoft Technology(R) products come with a three year warranty and unlimited technical support.