Modbus to EtherNet/IP Gateway

ProSoft Technology's new ProLinx Modbus to EtherNet/IP Gateways, (4201-DFNT-MCM and 5201-DNFT-MCM) provide interface communication for Modbus-compatible devices to Allen-Bradley's EtherNet/IP network. Since these gateways are stand alone, DIN rail mounted units, front access to all ports is easy.

 The Ethernet communication port provides a high-speed client and server connection. Data is exchanged between the protocol drivers via an internal data file. The EtherNet/IP client driver supports the active reading and writing of data with Ethernet/IP compatible devices.

  • Two independent client and five server connections available
  • Supports data movement with standard Rockwell Automation server hardware
  • Configurable parameters
  • Up to 100 commands per client
  • Min Command Delay
  • Response Timeout
  • Retry Count
  • Command Error Pointer

 These 4201-DFNT-MCM and 5201-DFNT-MCM gateways support RTU and ASCII modes of Modbus, and can be configured with up to 100 commands per port, making it a very powerful device interface and data concentrator. The Modbus protocol for these gateways support the following Modbus features:

  • RTU mode (binary) with CRC-16 error checking
  • ASCII 7 and 8-bit modes with LRC error checking
  • Can be configured as a Modbus Master or Slave
  • Accepts broadcast commands from the Modbus Master
  • Special support included for floating point values
  • Virtual Modbus Database configuration


 This gateway comes with a diagnostic web page and can be ordered with an optional HTML web serverwhich includes an e-mail client and ftp server. With this option, HTML text pages can be enabled to:

  • Display module internal register and status values
  • Accept user data input values via POST commands for set point, on/off control, etc.
  • Provide limited graphic file support

Key features of the HTML server include:

  • Max HTML page size: 1MB
  • Max File Storage: 32MB
  • Supported context types: jpeg, bmp, css
  • Supported data types: bit, ASCII, integer, float
  • Sockets: Up to five (5) connections. Note that this limits the number of simultaneous graphic file and frame references per HTML page


The FTP server permits remote HTML file transfer between the module and remote host. Capabilities of the FTP Server include:

  • Single socket connection
  • Non-passive transfers only
  • WS_FTP or Command Line FTP recommended
  • CuteFTP, Internet Explorer, Netscape, or NCFTP all support multiple socket connections and therefore are not supported by the ProLinx module


The Email Client features an E-mail message generation based on database trigger values. Messages can contain dynamic data from the module.