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Modbus TCP/IP to IEC 61850 Dual Port Gateway


The Modbus TCP/IP to IEC 61850 gateway enables communication between the Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) on an IEC 61850 network and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) or Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) on a Modbus TCP/IP network.

The configuration utility software provided with the gateway uses IED configuration files to import complex IEC 61850 data structures. The utility creates Variable files and Function Block files for import into Unity Pro projects for Quantum or M340 processors.

IEC 61850 is the international standard that defines the hardware and communication requirements for all devices within substation automation. The standardized naming conventions imposed by the IEC 61850 standard improves interoperability between systems provided by diverse manufactures or created by multiple system integrators.


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Caractéristiques Avantages

Configuration Utility Integrates Tightly with Unity Pro

  • Application-specific Variable and Function Block files are automatically generated.
  • Users are not required to develop communication logic or tag structures in their PLC or PAC projects.

Configuration Archive and Diagnostics

  • The gateway configuration file can be stored in an industrial SD card. This allows for rapid disaster recovery by moving the SD card from a failed gateway to a replacement gateway.
  • Extensive diagnostics for the gateway and for both Modbus TCP/IP and IEC 61850 networks are available via the configuration utility.

Import Configured IED files

  • All IED data attributes are available for convenient mapping to Modbus registers.

Modbus TCP/IP Client/Server support

  • Enables multiple Modbus TCP/IP devices or SCADA devices to interface with IEC 61850 devices simultaneously.


The gateway is enclosed in a sturdy extruded aluminum case with DIN-rail-mounting.



Two (2) Ethernet ports for Modbus TCP/IP and IEC 61850 communication


ProSoft 61850 Configuration Manager for configuration and diagnostic viewing

ProSoft 61850 Tag Monitor for viewing live tag data

ProSoft Discovery Service for setting a temporary IP address

Configuration Storage

Internally stored, by default. Configuration settings can be saved on an optional removable 1GB Industrial SD Card

ProSoft 61850 Configuration Manager saves configuration information to an offline file.


Specifications - Modbus TCP/IP

The Modbus TCP/IP driver allows multiple independent, concurrent Ethernet connections. The connections may be Clients, servers, or a combination of both Clients and servers.


Modbus TCP/IP Client

  • Actively reads data from and writes data to Modbus TCP/IP devices using MBAP messages on Service Port 502 or Encapsulated Modbus RTU messages on other Service Ports
  • Supports up to 10 Client connections with a maximum of 2000 commands to talk to multiple servers
  • Modbus Command optimization - Multiple tags can be combined into one Write command with up to 120 words


Modbus TCP/IP Server

  • Accepts incoming connections on Service Port 502 from Clients using Modbus TCP/IP MBAP messages and on Service Port 2000 (or other Service Ports) from Clients using Encapsulated Modbus messages.
  • Supports up to 20 independent, concurrent server connections for any combination of Service Port 502 MBAP messages and Encapsulated Modbus RTU messages on other Service Points


Modbus Commands Supported

(Client and server)

3: Read Holding Registers

16: Preset (Write) Multiple Holding Registers

Configurable Parameters (Client and server)

Gateway IP Address

PLC Read Start Register (%MW)

PLC Write Start Register (%MW)

Number of MBAP and MNET servers

Gateway Modbus Read Start Address

Gateway Modbus Write Start Address

Configurable Parameters (Client Only)

Minimum Command Delay

Response Timeout

Retry Count

Command Error Pointer

Command List

Maximum 2000 Modbus Client commands (one IEC

Data Attribute per command)

Status Data

Error codes reported individually for each command

High-level status data available from Modbus TCP/IP Client through MNET server (for example PLC or PAC)

Command List Polling

Each command can be individually enabled or disabled; write-only-on-data-change is available


Specifications – IEC 61850 Client

  • Supports up to 45 IEDs
  • Send commands from the PLC or PAC to the IED using Control Types
    • Direct-with-Normal-Security
    • Select Before Operate (SBO)-with-Normal-Security
    • Direct-with-Enhanced Security
    • Select Before Operate (SBO)-with-Enhanced-Security


ACSI Basic Conformance


SCSMs supported

SCSM: IEC 61850 8.1(MMS) used

ACSI Model Conformance



Buffered Report Control Block (BRCB)

Unbuffered Report Control Block (URCB)


entryID, DataReflnc






Logical Nodes

IEC 61850 Logical Nodes, including Logical

Nodes for Hydro Power Plants and Logical Nodes for Wind Power Plants

Configurable Parameters

MMS Command Delay

Status Data

Status available per node

Report and GOOSE status available

High-level status data available from Modbus TCP/IP Client through the MNET server (for example PLC or PAC)


Specifications – SNTP/NTP Client

The gateway supports a Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP/NTP) client service that can synchronize the gateway’s time by periodic update requests to a Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) system. The user can configure the SNTP/NTP server details in ProSoft 61850 Configuration Manager. The resolution of the time is in milliseconds (ms).

Configurable Parameters

SNTP/NTP server synchronization rate (in minutes)

SNTP/NTP server Address




Power Supply

24 VDC nominal
10 to 36 VDC power input allowed
Positive, Negative, GND Terminals
2.5 mm screwdriver blade

Current Load

200 mA max @ 24 VDC
150 mA max @ 32 VDC
450 mA max @ 10 VDC

Operating Temperature

0°C to 70°C (32°F to 158°F)

Storage Temperature

-40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)

Relative Humidity

5% to 95%, with no condensation

Dimensions H x W x D

14.02 x 5.23 x 11.1 cm
5.52 x 2.06 x 4.37 in


IEC 60068-2-27; 15G @ 11ms (Operational)
IEC 60068-2-27; 30G @ 18ms (Non-Operational)


IEC 60068-2-6; 5G, 10 to 150 Hz

LED Indicators


Ethernet Ports (E1, E2)

10/100 Base-T half duplex RJ45 Connector Link and Activity LED indicators

Electrical Isolation 1500 V rms at 50 to 60 Hz for 60 s, applied as specified in section 5.3.2 of IEC 60950: 1991

Ethernet Broadcast Storm Resiliency = less than or equal to 5000 [ARP] frames-per-second and less than or equal to 5 minutes duration

Shipped with Each Unit

One - J180 screw terminal plug
One - HRD250 screwdriver


CB Safety 35,78 kB Dernière Modification 27/04/2022
Declaration of Conformity (RoHS/CE) 114,24 kB Dernière Modification 01/06/2022
Country Approval - Korea - KC Registration 268,51 kB Dernière Modification 12/05/2022
Country Approval - Eurasian Customs Union Conformity (EAC) (Wired) 1,92 MB Dernière Modification 10/07/2020
ATEX Letter of Conformity 105,11 kB Dernière Modification 12/05/2022
Declaration of REACH Compliance 145,49 kB Dernière Modification 01/06/2022
UL Certificate of Compliance 225,88 kB Dernière Modification 16/11/2022
UL Certificate of Compliance - Canada 1,10 MB Dernière Modification 16/11/2022