ProSoft Technology’s Data Logger Can Help Users Pinpoint Issues in the Field from Their Office

Bakersfield, Calif., April 18, 2018 – Any end user, OEM, or system integrator that has had to go to a remote site for an issue that requires troubleshooting are familiar with the struggle: They arrive, then have to attempt a diagnosis before finally being able to fix the problem.

Data Logger Overview Schematic

ProSoft Technology’s new Data Logger allows users to see historical diagnostic information about their equipment’s performance before they leave the office. The module enables this time-saving problem-solving by storing the equipment’s diagnostic data for the user, accommodating over 16 million records without putting a strain on the user’s network bandwidth. The module’s capabilities also enable the user to analyze their information for preventative maintenance.

The Data Logger can also serve as a type of warranty protection for OEMs, allowing them to see if their machine has been operated beyond its parameters without their knowledge.

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