Modbus TCP/IP Multi-Client Enhanced Communication Modules

The Modbus TCP/IP Multi-Client Modules improve performance in applications that require multiple server devices on the Modbus TCP/IP network. New enhancements include diagnostics and configuration via Ethernet, Add-On Instruction for easy RSLogix integration, Graphical Configuration Interface, module disaster recovery support, and backward compatibility.

ProSoft Technology(R) is pleased to announce the release of the MVI56E Modbus TCP/IP Multi-Client Enhanced Communication Modules (MVI56E-MNETC/CR) for Rockwell Automation(R) ControlLogix(R) Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs). These modules are designed to improve performance in applications where the Rockwell Automation system needs to control multiple Modbus TCP/IP server devices and controllers (such as Schneider Electric Modicon PACs) on the network. The MVI56E-MNETCR version of the Modbus TCP/IP Multi-Client module uses a small I/O data image for scaling I/O to the application, making it ideal for ControlNetTM or EtherNet/IPTM applications with the module in a remote rack.
All of the MVI56E Enhanced Communication Modules are backward-compatible, sharing ladder logic and module configuration files with existing MVI56 Communication Modules in the field. This allows users to easily upgrade existing modules and protect their investments, while benefiting from an array of new features designed to improve interoperability and enhance the user experience.
Module Enhancements include:
Add-On Instruction
Provides fast, easy set-up and tight integration with RSLogix(TM) 5000
Web Server
The module’s built-in Ethernet port provides a web server for access to documentation, module status, firmware updates
ProSoft Discovery Service
A software utility to locate MVI56E modules on the network and assign a temporary IP addresses for easy initial module commissioning
Windows-style Graphical User Interface (GUI)
ProSoft Configuration Builder (PCB) provides online or offline configuration and online diagnostics
Enables module configuration and diagnostics through a ControlNet or EtherNet/IP connection routed or bridged over multiple paths via 1756-ENxT / 1756-CNB modules; allows support of IT and automation network segmentation
Personality Module
An industrial-grade compact flash memory card is provided for storing all of the module's set-up and configuration data to support fast disaster recovery and to deploy multiple modules
LED Scrolling Diagnostic Display
4-character scrolling LED display providing English messages for status and alarm data, and module diagnostics to help reduce downtime
All ProSoft Technology(R) products come with a three year warranty and unlimited technical support.