Support, Service and Return Material Authorization Instructions

ProSoft Technology, Inc. (ProSoft) is committed to providing the most efficient and effective support possible.

Before calling, please gather the following information to assist in expediting this process:

1.    Product Version Number
2.    System architecture
3.    Network details

If the issue is hardware related, we will also need information regarding:
4.    Module configuration and associated ladder files, if any.
5.    Module Operation

  • Configuration/Debug status information
  • LED patterns

6.    Details about the Serial, Ethernet or Fieldbus devices interfaced with, if any.

In order to return a Product for repair, exchange or otherwise, the Customer must obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number from ProSoft and comply with ProSoft shipping instructions.

A. How to Contact Us: Technical Support

Web site:
E-mail address: [email protected]


Asia Pacific (location in Malaysia)
 Phone: +60-3-7941-2888
 Email: [email protected]
 Languages spoken: Chinese, English

Asia Pacific (location in China)
 Phone: +86-21-5187-7337 x888
 Email: [email protected]
 Languages spoken: Chinese, English

Europe (location in France)
 Phone: +33 (0) 5-34-36-87-20
 Email: [email protected]
 Languages spoken include: French, English

Europe (location in Dubai, UAE)
 Phone: +971-4-214-6911
 Email: [email protected]
 Languages spoken: French, Hindi

North America (location in California)
 Phone: +1 661-716-5100
 Email: [email protected]
 Languages spoken include: English, Spanish
 For technical support calls within the United States, ProSoft’s 24/7 after-hours phone support is available for urgent plant-down issues.


Latin America (location in Mexico)
 Phone: +52-222-264-1814
 Email: [email protected]
 Languages spoken: Spanish, English

Latin America (location in Brazil)
 Phone: + 55-11-5084-5178
 Email: [email protected]
 Languages spoken: Portuguese, English

B.  Return Material Authorization (RMA) Policies and Conditions

The following RMA Policies and Conditions (collectively, “RMA Policies”) apply to any returned Product. These RMA Policies are subject to change by ProSoft without notice. Except as otherwise expressly indicated in this document or as separately agreed to in writing, this transaction is subject exclusively to ProSoft's Terms & Conditions of Sale as posted on ProSoft’s website at In the event of any inconsistency between the RMA Policy and the Warranty, the Warranty shall govern.

All Product Returns:  

a)      In the event that the Customer experiences a problem with the Product for any reason, Customer must contact ProSoft Technical Support at one of the telephone numbers listed above in Section A to obtain approval for issuance of a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. A Technical Support Engineer will request that you perform several tests in an attempt to isolate the problem. If after completing these tests, the Product is found to be the source of the problem, ProSoft will issue an RMA number. If the product is not shipped within 60 days of the issue of the RMA number, the RMA will be closed.

b)      All returned Products must be shipped freight prepaid, in the original shipping container or equivalent, to the location specified by ProSoft. The RMA number is to be prominently marked on the outside of the shipping box and on the shipping documents.  Customer agrees to comply with ProSoft shipping instructions and insure the Product or assume the risk of loss or damage in transit. Products shipped to ProSoft using a shipment method other than that specified by ProSoft, or shipped without an RMA number will be returned to the Customer, freight collect.

c)       Credit and exchanges for most products will be allowed within 6 months from the date of shipment. A 20% restocking fee applies to all approved credit returns whereby a Customer has an application change, ordered too many, does not need or has overstocked. Products returned for credit as a result of this subparagraph require that all products are unopened and the original factory seal is intact. Wireless accessories cannot be returned for credit.

d)      If customized products are returned, supplementary terms and conditions will apply and take precedence over the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and this document.


2)      Procedures for Return of Units Under Warranty:

a)      Firmware will be updated to the latest version prior to analysis and/or repair.  An Evaluation Report will accompany all repaired/returned units detailing what was repaired or replaced. In-Warranty returns will be repaired and returned to the customer within 4 weeks (dock date to ship date).  This timeline is defined as “from receipt of product at ProSoft’s designated repair location to reshipment date.”

i)        The unit being returned should be returned in the original packaging or equivalent. If after evaluating the product it is deemed to be unrepairable due to manufacturing defect, a replacement unit, either remanufactured or new, will be sent.

ii)       If a unit under warranty fails within the first 90 days of shipment, a new PO is required and a new replacement unit will be provided.  Credit will be issued for the full price of the product. Warranty resets to 3 years.

iii)     A purchase order is not required to return the defective unit. ProSoft will perform a pre-repair evaluation, the results will determine:

(1)    MANUFACTURING DEFECT: Unit repaired or replaced and returned to ship to address provided via email or fax.

(2)    USER FAULT: Warranty is voided.  Customer has two options:

(a)    Repair the unit at the customer’s expense. A purchase order or credit card is required for repair fees. Repair fees will be the higher of 30% of the current list price or $500.00 (USD).

(b)   Return the unit unrepaired, customer is responsible for shipping costs. No credit will be issued.

b)      Emergency Replacement(s) will be available for “plant down” situations.

i)        A new Distributor PO will be required for an emergency replacement at the original sale price.

ii)       The replacement unit will be either a remanufactured or a new unit.  The warranty period on replaced item(s) will be the remaining warranty period of the original unit or 90 days, whichever is longer.

iii)     Credit will be issued after the defective unit is received by ProSoft and it is determined that the failure is not due to user fault. If failure is a result of user fault, customer will be contacted and no credit will be issued.

c)       Plant Down Prevention Management – ProSoft highly recommends customer purchase a spare unit to prevent future production interruptions. Options available:

i)        Purchase a remanufactured unit – warranty period is 6 months

ii)       Purchase a new unit – warranty period is 3 years

3)      Procedures for Return of Units Out of Warranty:

a)      Customer sends unit in for evaluation to location specified by ProSoft, freight prepaid and insured or assume risk of loss. If repair is required, Distributor must issue PO to ProSoft

b)      Firmware will be updated to the latest version prior to analysis and/or repair.  An Evaluation Report will accompany all repaired/returned units detailing what was repaired or replaced.

c)       If no fault is found or the returned unit cannot be repaired, the customer will be notified. If customer requests the unit be returned, an account number for specified freight company for processing return shipment is required; if discard of equipment is chosen, ProSoft will scrap the unit.

d)      If customer chooses to repair the defective unit, a purchase order will be required.  The charge to Customer will be the higher of 30% of current list price (USD) or $500.00, plus freight charges, duties and taxes as applicable

e)      ProSoft will attempt to repair Products that have transitioned to End of Production and will be based on availability of components needed to repair the unit(s).

The following is a list of non-repairable units:

1500 - ALL

*1550 - ALL

*1560 - ALL

**2100 - ALL

3150 - ALL

3170 - ALL

3250 - ALL

3300 - ALL

3350 - ALL

3600 - ALL

3700 - ALL

3750 - ALL

3800 - ALL

3850 - DNP

4XXX series - ALL

App Srv


**PC56 - ALL

-CC (conformal coated) - ALL

All Accessories

* Can be repaired if defect is the power supply
 ** Requires evaluation, no guarantee on repair


  1. New Products: ProSoft warrants that new ProSoft branded hardware Products furnished hereunder will be free from defects in material, workmanship and design for a period of three (3) years from the date of invoice from ProSoft or its appointed distributor, as the case may be. Goods repaired and parts replaced by ProSoft during the warranty period shall be in warranty for the remainder of the original warranty period or ninety (90) days, whichever is longer.
  2. Software and Firmware: Unless otherwise provided in a ProSoft or third party license, ProSoft warrants that standard ProSoft branded software or firmware Products furnished hereunder, when used with ProSoft-specified hardware, will perform in accordance with published specifications prepared, approved, and issued by ProSoft for a period of three (3) years from the date of invoice from ProSoft or its appointed distributor, as the case may be. ProSoft makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, that the operation of the software or firmware Products will be uninterrupted or error free, or that the functions contained therein will meet or satisfy Buyer's intended use or requirements.
  3. Partner Products: ProSoft and its appointed distributors sell partner products. All partner products are subject to the original manufacturer’s warranty. 
  4. Services: Materials and labor performed by ProSoft to upgrade previously purchased firmware, repair a verified malfunction, or defect are warranted in the terms specified above for new Product, provided said warranty will be for the period remaining on the original new equipment warranty or, if the original warranty is no longer in effect, for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of invoice.
  5. "Refurbished" Products: ProSoft warrants that hardware Products sold as “Refurbished” (e.g., customer and distributor returns, factory repaired  or reconditioned, etc.) will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of six (6) months from the date of invoice from ProSoft or its appointed distributor, as the case may be.  Repaired or replacement Products provided as a result of this warranty subparagraph are similarly warranted for a period of three (3) months from the date of shipment to Buyer or the remainder of the original  warranty term for that particular Product, whichever is longer.
  6. Buyer Specifications/Compatibility: ProSoft does not warrant and will not be liable for any design, materials, construction criteria or goods furnished or specified by Buyer (including that sourced from other manufacturers or vendors ). Any warranty applicable to such Buyer-specified items will be limited solely to the warranty, if any, extended by the original manufacturer or vendor directly or indirectly to Buyer. ProSoft does not warrant the compatibility of its Products with the goods of other manufacturers or Buyer's application except to the extent expressly represented in ProSoft's published specifications or written quotation.
  7. Recyclable Materials: In keeping with environmental policies and practices, ProSoft reserves the right to utilize in its product manufacturing, repair and remanufacturing processes certain recyclable materials (e.g., fasteners, plastics and the like) or remanufactured parts equivalent to new in performance or parts which may have been subject to incidental use. However, such utilization will not affect any provided Product warranty or published reliability statistics.
  8. Remedies: Remedies under the above warranties will be limited, at ProSoft's option, to the replacement, repair, re-performance or modification of, or issuance of a credit for the purchase price, of the Products involved, and only after the return of such Products pursuant to ProSoft's instructions. Replacement Products may be new, remanufactured, refurbished or reconditioned at ProSoft's discretion. Costs in connection with or as a result of such defective or nonconforming Products, including, cost to transport the Products from Buyer to ProSoft and return shipment to Buyer, will be borne by ProSoft. The foregoing will be the exclusive remedies for any breach of warranty or breach of contract arising there from.
  9. General: Warranty satisfaction is available only if (a) ProSoft is provided prompt notice of the warranty claim and (b) ProSoft's examination discloses that any alleged defect has not been caused by misuse; neglect; improper installation, operation, maintenance, repair, alteration or modification by another party other than ProSoft; accident; or unusual deterioration or degradation of the Products or parts thereof due to physical environment or electrical or electromagnetic noise environment.