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Modbus® TCP/IP to Siemens® Industrial Ethernet Communication Gateway


ProSoft Technology’s Modbus® TCP/IP to Siemens Industrial Ethernet gateway allows high speed bi-directional data transfers between Schneider Electric® PACs and Siemens S7 and S5 PACs.

Two ports allow each protocol to reside on separate subnets, allowing you to pass data between the two subnets without changing each device’s IP address. 


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Caractéristiques Avantages

  • Two separate Ethernet ports allow each protocol to reside on separate subnets. This allows you to pass data between the two subnets without changing each device’s IP address to be on the same subnet. 
  • In addition to S7 controllers, the gateway can also be used with Siemens S5 controllers with an appropriate interface. 
  • Gateway includes a SD card slot (SD card optional) for storing configuration files. This can be used for disaster recovery. 
  • Secure module configuration via module switch (v1.04 and greater). 
  • Up to 4000 16-bit registers can be used to exchange large amounts of data




Supported Modbus Function Codes 

1: Read Coil Status 
2: Read Input Status 
3: Read Holding Registers 
4: Read Input Registers 
5: Force (Write) Single Coil 
6: Preset (Write) Single Holding Register 
15: Force (Write) Multiple Coils 
16: Preset (Write) Multiple Holding Registers 
22: Mask Write Holding Register (Slave Only) 
23: Read/Write Holding Registers (Slave Only)

Supported Clients 


Supported Servers 

MBAP - 5
Encapsulated - 5 

Command List

Up to 160 fully configurable Client commands

Status Data

Error codes reported individually for each command 

Command List Polling

Each command can be individually enabled or disabled; 
write-only-on-data-change is available 


Spécifications Protocole MBTCP

Spécifications Protocole MBTCP

Protocol Specifications

Modbus TCP/IP

Codes fonctions Modbus

(Client et Serveur)

1: Lecture de bit

2: Lecture de bit d'entrée

3: Lecture de mot

4: Lecture de mot d'entrée

5: Ecriture de bit

6: Ecriture de mot

15: Ecriture de multiples bits

16: Ecriture de multiples mots

Paramètres configurables 

(Client et Serveur)

Addresse IP de la passerelle

Décalage de l'adresse par type de données Modbus

Décalage de l'adresse pour les données flottantes

Paramètres configurables 

(Client seulement)

Minimum Command Delay

Response Timeout

Retry Count

Command Error Pointer

Liste des commandes

Jusqu’à 100 commandes par connexion client

Données d’état

Codes d’erreurs disponibles sur une base de commande individuelle.

Envoi de commandes

Les commandes peuvent être envoyées de façon continue ou sur changement de valeur (écriture seulement).

SIE Protocol Specification

Protocol Specifications



Supported PLC Data Exchange (Read and Write)

Siemens S7-200, Siemens S7-300, Siemens S7-400,
Siemens S7-1200, Siemens S7-1500

Supported Register Types

DB, Inputs, Outputs, Flags, Counters, Timers

Supported Clients



Declaration of Conformity (RoHS/CE) 297,05 kB Dernière Modification 24/07/2018