Clackamus Water Plant AB-PLC

Clackamus River Water in Clackamus, Ore. needed to update the control equipment in their Filter Plant. Some of the equipment was 25 years old and could only start a pump and give a run confirmation. They needed more information such as flow, pressure, etc. They had Siematic PLCs reporting through expensive phone lines. Industrial Systems was the contractor who sold the water district on A-B PLCs using the 3100-MCM module to communicate with the older equipment via Modbus.
Three A-B PLCs were installed with a ProSoft module in each for the remote site, the pump station and the reservoir site. DataLink modems were used to communicate to the master station. The system went on-line June 30, 2000. They are now able to get the data they needed including monitoring data from the reservoir site including level, intrusion alarm, and flow meter. "I had been aware of the ProSoft Modbus module for some time and knew it would do the job we needed," said George Vriese of R&W Engineering. They are currently planning to do the rest of the district this year, in the same manner.