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Integrated Oil and Gas Solutions

Decreased capital spend. Optimized production. Lower support costs. It’s all within reach for oil and gas applications, despite the traditional setup of multiple standalone flow computers and RTUs, with long wiring runs to the control house.

There’s a better way that starts with in-chassis flow computers for Rockwell Automation® controllers, a scalable solution that sends your data directly to your control system.

The benefits of your Connected Enterprise continue from there: Sending transmitter data via wireless solutions decreases installation costs and annoying downtime when someone accidentally cuts a buried cable.

Download Solution Brief to learn how an integrated, connected approach can help at your control house, in LACT systems, pump jacks, and at your remote site when you’re halfway across the world.

Real-World Examples

American Castings

In-chassis, wireless improvements boost Pelican Gathering’s ROI

“The in-chassis modules included Add-On Instructions and Add-On Profiles, which help us reduce programming time.”


New flow computer setup brings several benefits for ARC Resources

“With this solutions, we’re now able to do 16 meter runs per flow computer, limiting the number of units we need. The system can be expanded later if we need more meter runs.”


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